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The sailor’s Wife is based on a true story. A treasured yacht stolen from Royal Cape Yacht Club in Cape Town South Africa. 

Pages filled with drama of a crazy worldwide search to find Alter Ego, the yacht truly his Other Self for Nelson.

His dreamboat. A descendant of the famous Admiral of Trafalgar.


His business bankrupted by the US/UK economic sanctions, of the eighties, determination to find the lost boat is frantic.

Having hit news headlines, false alarms of sightings shower in.  Albatrosses of the S.A.Airforce assist  on  coastal reconnaissance.


Yet the chicken had quickly flown the coop.

Where in the world?   Like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Months pass.   Nothing.   Until a call, in the early hours one morning, l from a caring Good Samaritan on a faraway Island and then…

The story takes off across distant oceans.  Described as more like a movie than real life   

Problems, euphoria, danger, delight, drama galore catapult over each other.  Culminating eventually in a challenging, exciting new path in life.   

Undreamed of until then.

All reviews describe book as a page turner.

The Sailor’s Wife by Maureen Girdlestone

SKU: 9781776363612
  • Write a book !.    Write a book.    I had heard that repeated more times than there are days in the year, or stars in  the sky.     Simply put, the series of tumultuous  events resulted in  a seismic change of direction for the lives of our whole family.  
    More like a movie than real life, said the pundits. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

    As a young bride I had soon learned my new husband had another love.   She was sleek and trim and fast     ---  when her sails were filled.   Yes, he loved sailing and the ocean, and everything beneath it.

    It  took the Pandemic for this book to be written.   Our yacht charter business was hit hard.   Doors closed, boats padlocked.  In the strange surreal world of silence and isolation I found  time on my hands.  Write !

    Indie Publishing was taking off in the recovering world.   I had enjoyed writing before.   Quite a few quirky travel stores in the Sunday Times Accidental Tourist, graduating to longer travel articles. Short stories for overseas Cruising World.  Local history for the  Cape Odyssey.

    Hope you will enjoy The Sailor's Wife.   How determination turned disaster around.

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