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British Curriculum Textbooks CAPS Curriculum Textbooks Educational Resources Homeschool Textbooks Self Publishers Readers
British Curriculum Textbooks CAPS Curriculum Textbooks Educational Resources Homeschool Textbooks Self Publishers Readers

Our  Story

Welcome to The Clowder Bookstore, where the love for books meets the power of education! Inspired by the unity of a group of cats, our bookstore is more than just a place to buy books; it's a community hub dedicated to fostering knowledge and supporting local talent.


​About Us:

At The Clowder Bookstore, we are passionate about literature, education, and community. Our main services include providing a diverse range of educational books, showcasing captivating South African stories from self-publishers, featuring global bestsellers, and offering a selection of bookish gifts. We are proud supporters of small businesses within the bookish community, and we strive to create a platform for local authors and self-publishers to shine.

Our Focus:

Our primary focus is on supplying educational books to homeschooling parents, schools, and individuals.

We curate collections that cater to diverse learning needs and promote intellectual growth among readers of all ages.
At The Clowder Bookstore, we take pride in offering a supportive platform for self-publishers to showcase their literary masterpieces. We understand the challenges faced by independent authors in gaining recognition and reaching their audience. That's why we provide a dedicated space and resources for self-publishers, helping them navigate the publishing world and connect with readers who appreciate unique voices and fresh perspectives. Whether you're an aspiring writer or an established author taking the self-publishing route, we're here to champion your creativity and help your stories come to life.



At the heart of The Clowder Bookstore are our core values of community, empowerment, and education. We are committed to uplifting self-publishers, guiding parents through educational resources, and making a positive impact in our local bookish community.


What Sets Us Apart:

With over a decade of experience in the book industry, we bring expertise, passion, and a genuine desire to make a difference. Our dedication to supporting local talent and promoting literacy sets us apart as more than just a bookstore; we are advocates for knowledge and creativity.


We believe in the power of books to transform lives and communities. Through education, skill development, and social engagement, we empower individuals and contribute to the growth of our community. Every purchase at The Clowder Bookstore supports our mission of uplifting minds and making a positive difference.

Join us on our journey to uplift minds, one book at a time. At The Clowder Bookstore, every interaction is an opportunity to make a "pawsitive" impact!

Let’s Work Together

Helderberg, South Africa

Tel: 087 470 1324

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