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In this sequel to the author’s The Summit Syndrome, Alan Benedict, a renowned attorney, faces up to his unrequited adversary, Professor  Albert Ovenstone, a prominent legal academic and author, across the  court room floor in a duel to the death of the career of one of the them. The stakes are high and there can only be one survivor.


Benedict believes that the outcome of their previous court room encounter did not see true justice being done and that through devious and dishonest means Ovenstone had figuratively speaking gotten away with murder. He is determined to bring Ovenstone to book and to attain the proper result to the confrontation – to reach the summit of his quest for righteousness to prevail.

In the relentless pursuit of his objective Benedict places everything at risk, his career, his marriage, his self-esteem. His adversary is intent on destroying him at all costs and by whatever means without regard to honesty or propriety. The case takes many twists and turns and has unexpected and sensational developments both inside and outside the courtroom. The challenges that arise in Benedict’s personal life take on proportions beyond the ambit of the court case and go to the very core of his being. He reaches a watershed in his life. It is the moment of truth. He has to succeed to salvage his career and his personal life. 

Reach for the Summit by Owen Dean

SKU: 9780796186089
  • Owen Dean is an attorney who specialises in the practice of intellectual property law and is experienced in conducting High Court litigation. He holds a law degree and a doctorate obtained at Stellenbosch University. He established a Chair of Intellectual Property Law at Stellenbosch University, where he is a professor.
    He is the author of several legal treatises, including a text book on copyright law, and numerous articles published in the electronic and printed media. He is also the principal editor of a students’ handbook on intellectual property law. He has been a frequent presenter at legal conferences and seminars both nationally and internationally and on the radio and television. He has lectured on intellectual property law at most of the principal South African universities.

    He is the author of the e-book Awakening the Lion, dealing with a famous court case in which he acted as the legal representative of the Estate of Solomon Linda in suing Walt Disney for copying the song The Lion Sleeps Tonight. 

    He lives in Somerset West and is an active sportsman and participant in outdoor activities.

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