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Author/s: Mart Meij, Melané van den Berg, Beatrix de Villiers, Glaudina Rossouw, Amanda Marais

The Life Skills Learner's Book has been developed according to the requirements of the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) for Grade 2 and the book can be used year after year.


  • It gives an opportunity for introducing and reinforcing learning content, with at least two pages of activities per week.
  • It provides learners with activities and assessments.
  • The teaching plans in the Teacher's Guide describes in detail how, when and where every page in the Learner's Book can be used.
  • The book is in full colour and beautifully illustrated.
  • The Learner's Book has been written by experts in the Foundation Phase field.
  • All the authors have years of experience and have been involved in series which are successfully used in schools.
  • The series have been developed under the guidance of Mart Meij, whose various educational series, from Grade R to 3, are widely used.
  • The New All-In-One series is nationally recognised and used in many schools. The Learner's Books were written according to the themes for each term, specified in the CAPS, Foundation Phase.
  • The Learner's Books provide background information and activities on each page to ensure the effective use of the book by the teacher.
  • The Learner's Books contain innovative multi-sensory activities that promote active learning and accommodate different learning styles.
  • Free worksheets on the CDs supplement the activities in the Learner's Books so that workbooks do not have to be bought.

New All-In-One Life Skills: Grade 2: LB

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