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Getting Up Again, And Other Stories We Tell Ourselves About Being Strong by Herman Veitch


In "Getting Up Again," Herman Veitch provides you with the tools and insights to build resilience, embrace your uniqueness, and create a positive narrative for your life. Through practical guidance and inspirational stories, this book will help you navigate life's ups and downs with confidence and strength.


The book is for anyone looking to build resilience and improve their mental and emotional well-being. Whether you're facing personal challenges, or professional setbacks, or simply want to develop a more positive mindset, this book offers valuable insights and practical strategies. 


The book covers a wide range of topics including positive self-perception, celebrating diversity, rewriting personal narratives, fostering agency and autonomy, value-driven living, building positive relationships, effective communication, and preparing for change. 


"Getting Up Again" combines practical guidance with inspirational stories, providing a holistic approach to personal development. It is grounded in positive psychology and offers actionable strategies that are backed by scientific research.


Getting Up Again by Herman Veitch

SKU: 9780796182135
  • Author, Life and Business Coach, and E-Course creator. Lecturer in knowledge management, and a lover of books, food and wine.

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