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Introducing "Family Secrets - Recipe Journal": a heartfelt tribute to the cherished tradition of passing down culinary treasures through generations. Authored by AJ, this beautifully crafted journal, adorned with charming lemon designs, is dedicated to the mothers who lovingly record their kitchen secrets. Each journal comes with one of AJ's family recipes, a cherished offering to kickstart your own culinary journey.


With ample space for recipes and personal notes, "Family Secrets" becomes a treasured repository for all your culinary memories. The blank index allows you to organise your journal according to your preferences—whether it's by sweet, savory, or a delightful mix of both. Lemons, a diverse fruit perfect for both salt and sweet recipes, symbolise the versatility of your culinary creations.


As you fill its pages with your family's culinary heritage, "Family Secrets" transforms into a legacy to be handed down through generations. Let its lemon-inspired design and heartfelt dedication bring joy to every kitchen it graces, honoring the legacy of family recipes and the love shared around the table.

Family Secrets: Recipe Journal By AJ Havenga

SKU: 9780796173119
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