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Arrows of Awareness: A mindfulness Guide to Walking the Camino and other pilgrimages by Amanda de Klerk


“This is not a manual about how to have a spiritual experience or find answers to life’s burning questions. See it as a daily invitation to walk mindfully, set intentions, become fully aware of what is happening to you in the moment, and elicit compassion for all things. See it as a reminder to practise generosity, deep acceptance and gratitude throughout the journey. The inner journey has many pathways and, if followed mindfully, can lead to gratitude, compassion and deeper awareness.”

Amanda de Klerk

Arrows of Awareness by Amanda de Klerk

SKU: 9780639716619
  • Amanda de Klerk is a seasoned hiker and pilgrim who over the years has walked five long distance Caminos in Europe as well as three local pilgrimage trails. Through her career as a clinical psychologist, she has applied her interest I mindfulness and its ability to deal with stress. Amanda believes in walking as a therapeutic modality, and its potential for healing and growth. She strives to live a life of simplicity and gratitude, is passionate about walking and spending time in Nature with her four dogs. Her love of people and pilgrimage was the inspiration for the book Arrows of Awareness which she hopes will serve as a spiritual companion for those on pilgrimage. 

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