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Description of the book: "Dad Unprepared" is an honest, candid and humorous memoir that explores the raw and tumultuous journey of fatherhood, whilst simultaneously offering readers a relatable look into the heartwarming world of being a dad. Readers are taken on a rollercoaster ride through his days of fatherhood, from the bliss of becoming a newlywed, through a whirlwind of emotions covering the initial fears of the responsibility of being a father figure, and the many challenges that lie beyond.

This is an honest account of his life as a dad, his triumphs, his failures, his self-doubt, and all the lessons that go with it. Sometimes sad, but more often overshadowed by a sense of humour and interesting perspective that will entertain you and keep you coming back for more.


His realistic portrayal of fatherhood will resonate with many parents who have faced similar struggles.


It starts with two lines on a plastic stick….and then you’re suddenly on a rollercoaster ride with seemingly no end in sight. The name of this ride: PARENTHOOD.

Being a dad is in stark contrast to being a mom. There are endless resources available for moms, but as dads, we’re left feeling our way around almost blindly.
Did someone say, “set up for failure?” Nope, not this guy.

He would like to think that he has mastered the art of fatherhood, but he fumbled around, beer in hand, disappointed his wife, and learned the hard way. But these lessons learned were actually joys uncovered and the discovery of fatherly bliss.
This book is by no means a “how to” guide on being a dad. It is his journey, one that was worth sharing, and he hopes that when your turn arrives, you find the unparalleled joy that comes with being a Dad…Unprepared.

Recommended for readers who are: New and expecting fathers who feel unprepared for parenthood.


Parents who enjoy relatable and humorous stories about family life.
Readers looking for an honest and heartwarming memoir about the challenges and rewards of being a dad.

Dad…Unprepared by David Eastment

SKU: 9780639773384
  •  Long Author description: David Eastment started his formal career in the financial sector and then branched out on other entrepreneurial directions, encompassing his own businesses in construction, management consulting, restaurateur, specialist retail outlets and as a celebrant. Born in the United Kingdom, he emigrated to South Africa at the tender age of 4 and has been here ever since, seeing himself as truly South African, having lived in numerous towns and cities across South Africa. He has a love for family, life in general, the outdoors, and a mischievous (and sometimes downright naughty) sense of humour. He has always enjoyed making up songs, short poems, and ditties on the fly.


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