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In ZenPenYen Dorian Haarhoff roams the countryside on the back of an ever-young aging mare called story. Subtly crafted, intelligent and relevant, this is a book of mirrors and poetry of mystical mischief. In mythological tradition tricksters are not there to entertain or deceive, but to challenge and to so do these poems; they play ‘but what if…’  the Trickster in ZenPenYen jousts with dogma and dances with deities. (Mari Pete)

ZenPenYen by Dorian Haarhoff

SKU: 9781920082239
  • Dr Dorian Haarhoff, storyteller, poet, speaker, energiser, word-shop facilitator and mentor, is passionate about developing innate creativity and imagination in personal and professional life. He believes in the power of words, stories and images to create new realities. He believes in the ability of people to revitalise their workplace, build their communities, participate in their healing and find their joy.

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