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The Writer’s Voice is a unique and methodical approach to harnessing your creative energy and using it to write and communicate effectively and creatively. It is about the joy of writing, for ourselves and for other people. A writer's journey is a spiritual, intellectual, and emotional one, drawing on concepts and aspects, such as whole brain theory, narrative therapy, Jungian psychology and mythology Dorian Haarhoff’s workbook on Creative Writing gives readers the opportunity to move towards self-discovery. Stories, humour, illustrations, mind maps, quotations and cartoons, inspire and guide the would be writer along a potentially difficult path. The book is divided into two sections, encouraging the reader to first create the text and then to craft it by applying critical skills. The text maps the writing journey from first inspiration to final presentation, following the writing cycle from chaotic imagining, through several drafts, feedback and editing to final copy.

The Writer’s Voice: A Workbook for Writers in Africa by Dorian Haarhoff

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  • Dr Dorian Haarhoff, storyteller, poet, speaker, energiser, word-shop facilitator and mentor, is passionate about developing innate creativity and imagination in personal and professional life. He believes in the power of words, stories and images to create new realities. He believes in the ability of people to revitalise their workplace, build their communities, participate in their healing and find their joy.

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