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Sushi in a Thunderstorm is an exquisite 80-page collection of poems, playful and poignant observations of the day-to-day. The varied selection includes structured haiku, and free verse. Melanie’s poems reframes realities with refreshing perspective, a visceral interaction with rhythm, rhyme, image, and metre. 


Sushi in a Thunderstorm jibes at coffee culture, reflects on socio-political discomfort, opens challenging topics for discussion and dissection, from grief to jubilation. Her writing is informed and considered.


Set in a convenient format with easy-to-read font, Sushi in a Thunderstorm is easy to navigate. Poems invite pocket-sized introspection and delight.

Sushi in a Thunderstorm by Melanie Williss

SKU: 9781067223465
  • Melanie Williss has extensive experience in Education, and in the Publishing industry.

    She enjoys crafting with words, interweaving mother tongue with foreign language phrases and musicality. Her writing is rooted in keen observation; and her style is informed, refreshing, and challenging.

    Melanie traveled widely as teacher, trainer, and publishing consultant. She lived in London, UK, for a number of years before returning to Cape Town, her hometown, in South Africa.

    She is active in performing arts, especially enjoys classical singing, and Fine Art. Her favourite drawing media include pastels and charcoal. Melanie is daring in her exploration. Early years invested in classical dance, surrendered to tastes of hiking, paragliding, scuba diving, motorcycling.

    Melanie is a dedicated student of Tai Chi Chuan, and the internal art of Qigong.

    She can be found digging the soil, landscaping, whispering to plants, walking along the shore.

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