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“This book belongs to anyone seeking the inside track on the music of this great era.” DUNCAN MACKAY of 10CC, Camel . Alan Parsons 


Probably the last word on a period in time where music changed the face of fashion, ended the Vietnam War and sowed seeds for generations to come. Seeker’s Guide is more than a reference, but rather an epic document depicting the vibrancy of musicianship. The essence of the book encapsulates a summarised history of musical genres (1950 -’79) that hovered over the globe amidst the turbulence of a creative revolution where individualism won the day. More than a discography and less than a concise dictionary, Seeker’s Guide finds the hidden riffs, expounds the songs and gives integrity to poets and musicians that were overlooked.

Seekers Guide to the Rhythm of Yesteryear by Shiloh Noone

SKU: 9780620320184
  • Rock n ‘Roll encounters with international Musicians.

    Cape Talk Radio presenter & author Shiloh Noone will be entertaining the audience with personal encounters with the likes of Van Morrison, Ginger Baker, Leonard Cohen, Kurt Cobain, Sting, Brad Pitt and many more. The stories are hilarious, shocking and educational. Shiloh’s music career started with a small record shop, Sigma Records in the Circle Centre Somerset West which many will fondly remember. However years of presenting radio shows on Pirate Radio stations and culminated  a book called ‘’Seekers Guide To The Rhythm of Yesteryear’ , a 700 page rock history encyclopaedia, eventually achieved 4 star Rolling Stone review, followed by a London Record Collector review found its way into many of the legendary Rock stars homes  Shiloh spent 20 years at Fine Music Radio with his legendary Folk music ‘Songcatcher’ and into his 6th year at Cape Talk radio presenting the Magic Bus Saturday 9pm .  

    Shiloh will be selling his Rock history book at a discounted price and making available the fictional rock n ‘roll paperback Swimming with Salamanders and the banned and elusive Witches of Sark available. Shiloh will be giving away his Beat Poetry book ‘Forty-Two for the Chosen Few’ complimentary, it promises to be a talk and lunch you will never forget. Legendary rock radio presenter and guitarist Derick Cockrel of Radio Helderberg will do the introduction.  

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