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Leslie frogmarches men into writing letters again, followed by a ‘how to’ for kickstarting your own writing. Ten sets of fascinating letters about life, the universe and everything from nine Africans:


Mark Peters the war photo journalist and first to snap Mandela released from prison, Glenn Caithness the boy next door desperately seeking advice on how to get a girlfriend, Marc Leistner the former EU banker offering surprising insights into true communication, Ian Downie the security specialist investigating the joys of food, wine and recipes, Mark Miles the S.T.E.M. thinker meditating on massive disruption via nanotechnology, Joel Greenberg the serial entrepreneur putting pen to paper, Craig Hepburn the 1986 Orlando Pirates goalkeeper bridging sporting divides, Charl Hugo the deep-thinking professor reflecting on the arts, spirituality and mortality, Graham Giles the employment lawyer and bibliophile - AND - last but not least one Brit: Mervyn Stutter the satirical songwriter and comedian, better known as The King of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. If you enjoy subverting censorship based on gendered stereotypes the second part of the book Leslie’s Guide for Writing to Men explains how you can initiate your own letter writing group, with each writer describing how he felt about being approached by a woman to be part of this one, followed by practical advice and templates for starting your own group and self-publishing your letters.


Contributors: Leslie Downie, Mark Peters, Joel Greenberg, Charl Hugo, Craig Hepburn, Ian Downie, Mark Miles, Graham Giles, Ian Caithness, Mervyn Stutter, Marc Leistner

Men of Letters: From Me to You Book by Leslie et al

SKU: 9780639727103
  • Leslie loves playing with creative ideas and is fascinated by fringe festivals where folk are free to experiment. Leslie spent most of her career as a lawyer, writing on the side, before deciding to drive the Helderberg Fringe Fireside Chats festival for self-published authors.  

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