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If you’re keen to provide your furry friends with healthy, easy to prepare home-cooked meals and treats that fit your budget, this dog food recipe book is perfect for you.

What’s inside?
•    About the author - my journey into cooking healthy homemade dog food
•    Guide to preparing homemade dog food: Learn healthy ways to feed your furry friend, foods  to avoid and foods safe to eat.
•    Recipes for yummy healthy homemade treats and snacks. Your dogs will beg for more!
•    Simple kibble replacement meals packed with nutritious, inexpensive and easily available ingredients  Positive reward training using homemade treats.
Some of the yummy recipes you’ll find in this book
•    Healthy dog biscuits, ideal to use for rewarding your dogs
•    Delicious baked snacks your dog will love
•    Chewy gelatine-based training treats - rich in protein
•    Healthy Raw Fruit & Veggie Snacks including info on the nutritional content 
•    Nutritious Egg-Based Snacks that are quick and inexpensive Home-made Kibble Replacement Meals that are easy to prepare and freeze


Our dogs rely on us to make right decisions to ensure their long-term health and well-being. This recipe book and guide will help give you peace of mind knowing you are providing your furry friend with safe and healthy meals.


Homemade Dogfood Recipe Book by Brenda L. Blake

SKU: 9780796183552
  • Brenda is a passionate dog-owner, experienced dog breeder and a keen and qualified cook. Her insights shared regarding canine nutrition and how to prepare healthy, homemade dog food were gained through her studies at the Cordon Bleu Cooking School in Paris, France and to qualify as an ISO22000 Food Safety Management Systems Auditor. She has also researched canine nutrition over her many years of showing and breeding Kennel Union of South Africa (KUSA) registered small, medium and large dogs.

    After completing her Cordon Bleu Diploma, Brenda returned to South Africa and accepted a job with the Sunday Times national newspaper, compiling the weekly cookery column, testing recipes, and cooking for photography, before changing careers and completing post graduate studies. Over the years, through her work, Brenda has acquired an in-depth knowledge of cooking methods, food microbiology and food safety that has been most helpful when preparing healthy homemade meals for her beloved dogs.  

    Over several years, Brenda has audited Dog Food Manufacturing Facilities in South Africa, that manufacturer top quality dry and canned dog food and semi-soft treats for local and export markets.
    Brenda’s food and safety training and experience as a breeder has shown the benefits of feeding dogs high quality commercial kibble (with a 32% protein content) as a main meal, while supplementing the food with healthy homemade meals and treats.  Her friends and family have begged her to share her dog treat recipes – and so, this recipe book has been born.

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