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Edible Shores is more than a mere collection of recipes; it’s a memoir that weaves together a girl’s life, shaped by the ocean’s proximity.  Within it’s pages, you’ll find a sea of dreams, fantasy, memories and myths, each infused with  passion for food and a commitment to healthy eating and sutainable living.  This culinary journey, spanning decades, is a testament to resilience, creativitity, and the healing power of nourishment.  As you swim throught its pages, may it ignite your own dreams and inspire you to embrace life’s brighter side.

Edible Shores – The girl and the sea by Carmen Burls

SKU: 9781067233143
  • Carmen Burls, with her background and passion for the ocean, has cultivated a unique culinary perspective. Growing up between the Eastern Cape, Transkei and the Overberg in the Western Cape, she gained insights into an array of different cuisines. Her strong European and South African background have shaped her approach to cooking, resulting in the creation of Edible Shores. Carmen’s memoir “Edible Shores” captures her journey from childhood to womanhood, intertwining her love for the outdoors, healthy eating, and sustainable living.  She draws inspiration from the outdoors, infusing her cooking style with the natural world. Nature’s beauty and bounty have left a lasting mark on her culinary creations, resulting in dishes that reflect the harmony of land and sea.

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