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Dive into a World of Poetic Adventure with Melanie Williss


Seven Syllables If You Must
Melanie Williss’s Seven Syllables If You Must is an insightful and refreshing 80-page collection of poems that offers a playful challenge to view those ‘put-upon’ days with a poetic perspective. This collection unpacks a range of emotions through structured balance and free verse, inviting readers to explore and celebrate a variety of poetic styles—from nonsense rhyme to multilayered phrases. Melanie’s writing interweaves gentle mockery and self-reflection, nostalgia with lightheartedness, providing a unique and thought-provoking experience.



Sushi in a Thunderstorm
Join Melanie Williss on a poetic journey with Sushi in a Thunderstorm, a captivating companion to her other works. While details about this title remain a delightful mystery, expect Melanie’s signature style—rich with evocative imagery, emotional depth, and a blend of humor and introspection.


Bundle Offer
This exclusive bundle combines the introspective charm of Seven Syllables If You Must with the evocative mystery of Sushi in a Thunderstorm, offering readers a double dose of Melanie Williss’s poetic brilliance. Each book invites you to pause, reflect, and find beauty in life’s everyday moments, making this bundle an essential addition to any poetry lover's collection.


Experience the unique perspectives and rich emotions of Melanie Williss’s poetry with this special bundle. Whether you are a long-time fan or new to her work, these collections are sure to inspire and delight.

Bundle: Sushi in a Thunderstorm & Seven Syllables If You Must by Melanie Williss

  • Melanie Williss has extensive experience in Education, and in the Publishing industry.

    She enjoys crafting with words, interweaving mother tongue with foreign language phrases and musicality. Her writing is rooted in keen observation; and her style is informed, refreshing, and challenging.

    Melanie traveled widely as teacher, trainer, and publishing consultant. She lived in London, UK, for a number of years before returning to Cape Town, her hometown, in South Africa.

    She is active in performing arts, especially enjoys classical singing, and Fine Art. Her favourite drawing media include pastels and charcoal. Melanie is daring in her exploration. Early years invested in classical dance, surrendered to tastes of hiking, paragliding, scuba diving, motorcycling.

    Melanie is a dedicated student of Tai Chi Chuan, and the internal art of Qigong.

    She can be found digging the soil, landscaping, whispering to plants, walking along the shore.

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