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Christian spiritual memoir

During the early 1970s, a wave of the Gospel message of Jesus hit generations old and new in radical ways—spanning communities, countries, and continents. Both churched and unchurched faced massive change on social and cultural fronts where conservative, orthodox and institutional church life met with new expressions of spiritual life and experiences. He invaded our histories! He rocked our worlds! He changed our destinies and reason for living! Guidance, Goofs, and Grace is a rollicking memoir of the early part of Dave Lutes' journey through the Jesus Movement. Through Lutes and the voices of ministers, lay preachers and youth leaders who worked to spread the Gospel in South Africa, we encounter the countercultural spiritual awakening of individuals to God. Through the Spirit, lives were transformed, miracles happened, and healings and deliverance came. The message began in the early church, and it rings as true today as ever.

Guidance, Goofs & Grace By David Lutes & Sanet Stander

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