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Publication date: 01 February 2024


Darlings of Durban follows the stories of four friends and how their
lives intersect and influence each other. Natasha owns a successful
beauty company and is in a serious long-term relationship with the
charming Sizwe. Natasha worries that his family will never truly
accept her because of her mixed heritage. Does she even believe in
marriage? Natasha often seeks the advice of her friend Sofia who’s
happily married with children. Sofia is the glue that holds the darlings
together. The cousins, Farhana and Razia, both have their own
complicated marriages. Farhana tries her best to support her
husband in his harebrained schemes – even when it’s to the
detriment of her friendships. While Razia, the only darling in
Johannesburg, feels stuck in her role as subservient wife to a
husband whose attention is elsewhere.
All four women are navigating the complexities of love and
life. But whatever life throws their way, the darlings always have each

About the author
Shafinaaz Hassim is an independent sociologist and author based in
Johannesburg. Her works have been commended in various local
awards, including the K Sello Duiker Award and the UJ Prize for
Creative Writing. In 2014, she was listed by UNESCO and the
London Book Fair as one of the Top 39 authors in Africa under the
age of 40.

Darlings of Durban By Shafinaaz Hassim

SKU: 9780795710964
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