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Resources in the Self-Pub Industry: Introducing Mpilo Publishing

Updated: May 2

Greetings, fellow book enthusiasts! Today, we're excited to shine a spotlight on a remarkable resource in the self-publishing industry: Mpilo Publishing. As advocates of literary diversity and quality storytelling, we at The Clowder Bookstore are delighted to introduce you to Mpilo Publishing and the incredible services they offer to authors.

Founded in March 2018, Mpilo Publishing has quickly become a beacon of excellence for authors seeking to self-publish their works. The name "Mpilo," derived from the Xhosa word meaning "life," encapsulates their mission perfectly—they specialise in publishing life-changing books that add immense value to our lives.

At Mpilo Publishing, authors can find support and guidance across a range of genres, ensuring that their unique voices reach readers effectively.

Here's a glimpse into the genres Mpilo Publishing assists with:

  • Memoirs: Capturing personal journeys and experiences in a way that resonates deeply with readers.

  • Biographies: Honoring the stories of notable individuals and sharing their contributions with the world.

  • Autobiographies: Allowing authors to narrate their own life stories authentically.

  • Self-help: Empowering readers with practical tools and insights for personal growth and development.

  • Children's literature: Fostering imagination and learning through engaging stories tailored for young minds.

  • Business/entrepreneurial: Providing expertise and support for authors delving into the world of business literature.

  • Technical books (e.g., how-to guides): Offering step-by-step instructions and expertise on various subjects.

Mpilo Publishing Services:

  • Editing (Copy-editing, substantive editing, developmental editing, proofreading)

  • Writing (Ghost Writing)

  • ISBN (National Library of South Africa)

  • Layout and Design (In Design)

  • Book Cover Design & Book Blurb

  • Illustrations

  • Marketing

  • Book Review

  • Consultation

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