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Unlock Your Story: Why Self-Publishers Thrive at The Clowder Bookstore

At The Clowder Bookstore, we're passionate about supporting self-publishers and helping them showcase their work to a broader audience. Here's why self-publishers should consider listing their books with us.


We offer self-published authors an additional platform to showcase their books and expand their reach. By listing with us, authors can increase visibility and connect with readers who may not come across their books elsewhere. Our platform allows self-publishers to distribute their books Nationwide, providing a local online platform for their work.

Curated Selection:

We take pride in curating a collection of high-quality books, with a special focus on South African titles. While we also offer books from larger publishing houses and International authors, our priority is to spotlight local talent. Being featured on our platform can lend credibility to a self-published author's work and increase their chances of discovery by readers who trust our recommendations.

Community Engagement:

At The Clowder Bookstore, we're more than just a marketplace – we're a community of readers and authors. We strive to foster connections between authors and readers, cultivating a loyal fan base for our featured writers.

Marketing Support:

We're committed to helping our authors succeed. That's why we offer marketing support through channels like email newsletters and social media promotion. This additional exposure can boost book sales and elevate the author's profile in the marketplace.

Local Focus:

We prioritise local and regional content, allowing authors to tap into niche markets and build a dedicated following within their communities. Our emphasis on local content sets us apart and provides unique opportunities for authors to connect with readers who share their interests.

Overall, listing books with The Clowder Bookstore offers self-published authors valuable opportunities for visibility, community engagement, marketing support, and access to targeted audiences. We're here to help authors reach their publishing goals and connect with readers – because at The Clowder Bookstore, we believe in the power of great stories. Keep writing, keep sharing, and never stop marketing your work! 📚✨

If you're an author interested in listing your book with us, don't hesitate to reach out! Simply send us an email at, and let's connect to discuss how we can help bring your stories to our community.

Let's celebrate local talent together!

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