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July–Oct 1941
Lt Jack Pembroke commands a small, anti-submarine flotilla in Simon’s
Town. But he has precious little time to prepare his men and his ships for the
arrival of Nazi U-boats sent to cripple the Cape convoy route, which is vital to
supplying Allied forces in World War II.
Everything will hang in the balance with the arrival of the enemy in South
African waters. The arrival of the Nazi U-boats will stretch the Cape’s defences
to the limit. Aboard one of the boats is a South African spy (and ardent Nazi)
to be landed on the coast near Cape Town and begin a campaign of sabotage,
assassination and rebellion.
Jack must now to escort a vital convoy from Cape Town to Durban, but the
U-boat pack is lying in wait in the storm-ravaged waters off the southern tip of the
continent …

The Wolf Hunt By Jack Pemabroke

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