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The Hexagons
Six siblings—torn apart at birth, but united by destiny. These daring rakehells embark on rambunctious and dangerous escapades, earning the interest and ultimate companionship of ladies who possess extraordinary beauty, unparalleled determination, and unrivalled spirits. The group’s passionate jaunts become the subject of envy-laden murmurs throughout London and across the English countryside.

The Journey of Love
Aware of the need to safeguard the truth behind his noble origins, James was resolute in his decision. Following a forced union with an Indian princess—the daughter of an English lord and Indian royalty—James embarks on a journey to India to get rid of his new bride.

His return sees him accompanied not by a discarded bride, but by a spirited woman whose unparalleled beauty and unorthodox views on egalitarian unions have upended his world. 

The Journey of Love

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