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Publication date: 09 February 2024


Thami Nkadimeng's book is a motivational journey that urges readers
to embrace their authentic truth and live their lives fully. She shares
moments and lessons from her own life, highlighting her
transformation from a troubled young girl to a resilient woman.
Despite a challenging childhood, she discovered her purpose,
overcame abusive relationships and many obstacles, and worked
towards her goals.
Thami emphasises the importance of living truthfully and using
personal experiences as lessons to pursue one's calling.

About the author
Thami Nkadimeng is dynamic and has a great public profile. She’s a
moderator, corporate MC, programme director with a background in
communications and marketing. She is well versed in finance, mining,
construction, IT, and business sectors. She lives in Joburg.

Thami: Finding my purpose By Thami Nkadimeng

SKU: 9780795710940
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