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Finance for non-financial managers explains the long-term goal of creating value, followed by the short-term goals of profitability, liquidity and solvency. A firm has to acquire assets and to finance them at the lowest cost possible. However, the management of these assets is not exclusively in the hands of a financial manager. Other functional departments, especially supply chain management and marketing, play a significant role. Finance for non-financial managers thus provides an understanding of the principles of financial management required to contribute favourably to the long-term sustainability of a firm.

Finance for non-financial managers explains the financial goals of a firm, and illustrates how the principles of finance should be applied in creating wealth as opposed to simply maximising profit. With its thought-provoking opening cases and user-friendly content, this book is ideal for anyone who has little or no prior knowledge of accounting or financial management.


Finance for non-financial managers is a useful resource for managers involved in marketing, human resources, logistics, supply chain management and information management, and for professionals such as engineers, architects, attorneys and medical professionals in private practice.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

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